Thursday, May 10, 2007

Porcelain Gardens by Alice Riehl

"My works are made using sewn-together pieces of lace soaked in porcelain and then worked into shape. During the firing process the lace is burnt off leaving behind an imprint in the porcelain that reveals its presence through the fullness and emptiness of the shape, its fluidity, and through its inner texture disclosed in transparency. The light plays with the translucent quality of the porcelain and divulges the heart of the material, showing another dimension to the work.

Like ghosts, the former doilies, collars, bed spreads or table runners, reshaped and reworked, haunt every piece. This ladies' feminine handiwork, proudly and patiently embroidered, still bears the fingerprint and the sheer determination of their creators and is now given a new life in a new form. It is a testimony to the know-how, the traditions, and the personal histories of women who used these simple and precise skills, generation after generation, making each thread of cotton unique and their own.

Through plant inspired shapes, the cotton returns to its roots. Plant fibers and textile fibers blend into inner fibers, sensory organs, canvases of emotion. From its origins as lace, each piece of work builds its own identity. Fruits, flowers, seeds, nests and eggs abound in an ice garden. The plant world is also present in the stoneware creating a mineral garden."
Alice Riehl

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