Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wonderfully Layered Felt Jewelry by Meiri Ishida

"Color, humor, mixture, continuation, emission, and concentration.
My work consists of these elements.
Color, especially, is the transcendent sensation.

My jewelry is completed on a person's body .
When the form, color, and tactile feeling are mixed with someone's personality,
they make a new poetry.

This moment is the great joy for me."

Meiri Ishida  

Within 4 Walls


The Simpson Wardrobe

Check out the Simpson's set at Popgloss!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Make electronic trash into something n+ew

“Altiro, si po”. (“right now” said in a very Chilean way) reflects synthetically what we are in my country Chile and also in most of Latin America. We want things now, without waiting, even though we indebt to accomplish what we want or spend our whole salary the first day of the month without worrying what will happen tomorrow. We want immediacy. What’s important is to be happy “al tiro”.
Our modern culture (not older than 500 years), almost always bills us. We are new in many things, inpatients, we don’t like to wait, innocents for too long, insolents from now on. We understand that heritage and identity is forging with all of the world’s eyes on us. Based on many successes and mistakes, we learn every day, like a sponge, we are the new continent. It’s interesting to return this “watch” to the world (from the “end of the world”) and shout that this constant “party” that moves our day is the engine to understand everything in a totally different way and to solve things differently, many times with nothing simpler than a smile. Ideas and people who make us laugh carve our souls and we never forget them. "

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Aloe Collection

Agave- Queen of Thebes, mother of tequila, and inspiration for Jeremy Cole’s delicate and diffused design.
icon interiors

Monday, May 21, 2007

Zak Designs Plates Made From Recycled Material

Zak Designs has always maintained a strong commitment to the Earth and the environment. That commitment has been elevated to a new level with the introduction of Confetti. Zak's confetti line is from recycled durable 100% melamine, being environmentally friendly never looked so fun. Dishwasher Safe. Not Suitable for Microwave Use.

Zak Designs Confetti BBQ Plate

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Alt Build

We've been busy getting ready for Alt Build for my bricks and mortar business- Builders GreenSource. It's this weekend in Santa Monica and it's free to attend!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Joshua Dalsimer

Joshua Dalsimer is a Boston based photographer with a background as a drummer. "I always looked at drums and photography as very similar disciplines." He says, "Both take place behind the scenes. However, both lay down a foundation that helps create a look or sound". Joshua adds, "Collaboration is also very important for both, music helped me learn how to communicate clearly about ideas with other creative people".
Joshua Dalsimer

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Strange And Wonderful Work of Albert Geertjes

"About the strength of bamboo.
Ölandstone pierced by dozens of bamboo canes. The stone contains an upward shining lamp which illuminates the bamboo from the inside. At the top the shrubbery is crossed by again dozens of bamboo canes.
The shape of the lamp is continued in the light against the ceiling."

"Auvézère is a horizontal and a topographical arrangement of rough Scandinavian natural stone (a stone family). Each stone stands independently on 3 or 4 stainless steel legs. Heights are 20, 27 and 36 cm. Auvézère is suitable for indoors and outdoors. The arrangement of the stones is decided by me. For each group a floor plan is drawn and the stones are numbered. (I keep a photocopy of the arrangement in my files). "
Albert Geertjes

Porcelain Gardens by Alice Riehl

"My works are made using sewn-together pieces of lace soaked in porcelain and then worked into shape. During the firing process the lace is burnt off leaving behind an imprint in the porcelain that reveals its presence through the fullness and emptiness of the shape, its fluidity, and through its inner texture disclosed in transparency. The light plays with the translucent quality of the porcelain and divulges the heart of the material, showing another dimension to the work.

Like ghosts, the former doilies, collars, bed spreads or table runners, reshaped and reworked, haunt every piece. This ladies' feminine handiwork, proudly and patiently embroidered, still bears the fingerprint and the sheer determination of their creators and is now given a new life in a new form. It is a testimony to the know-how, the traditions, and the personal histories of women who used these simple and precise skills, generation after generation, making each thread of cotton unique and their own.

Through plant inspired shapes, the cotton returns to its roots. Plant fibers and textile fibers blend into inner fibers, sensory organs, canvases of emotion. From its origins as lace, each piece of work builds its own identity. Fruits, flowers, seeds, nests and eggs abound in an ice garden. The plant world is also present in the stoneware creating a mineral garden."
Alice Riehl

The Contemporary Jewelry of Ela Bauer

While studying at the Rietveld academy in Amsterdam, Ela tried to get to the roots of what makes something into a “jewel”.
Through this process, her jewels became more of an object. They were statements about terms such as: preciousness, wearability, decoration.

"Nowadays, the definition of jewelry still occupies me in many ways, as a kind of eternal question. Maybe it reflects the difficulty of naming things and defining meanings anyway.

The organic, cell and tree - like forms in my work, express my preoccupation with the fact, that everything; situations, definitions, people…, is in continuous movement, continuous change.

The processes of change in the organisms; growth, development, and disintegration, are in my view the ultimate metaphors for this feeling. They have a great influence on my ‘organic’ form-vocabulary."
Ela Bauer

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Shower Bottle Octopus

Not enough hands? Then hook the indispensable octopus in your shower. This octopus can be fastened to the bathtub armature while the rest of his arms are free to hold shampoo bottles, shower gels and other accessories. One hangs up the bottles simply in the flexible loops at the end of each of the arms.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bootleg Wine

The Bootleg Wine Collection is outfitted in a sleek, shrink wrapped bottle that looks like leather with a zipper that runs the length of the bottle. The name Bootleg is a play on words that alludes to the country’s shape and reputation for cutting-edge design. The wines are also labeled “Made in Italy” – a mark of cachet in the design world. Well-heeled and classically-structured, these family estate-made wines are the product of more than 650 combined years of wine making tradition. The wineries themselves vary in regionality and theme, but share a desire and commitment to produce a single, top-quality wine evocative of their viticultural area inside a package that embodies their view of Italy: sexy, innovative and modern.
Bootleg Wine