Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Havaleena LED Torch

A Havaleena “bouquet of lights” – or a single Havaleena – can be used indoors or out to provide illumination for life’s special moments.

The light owes its name to its elegant, lance-like form: “Havaleena” is an onomatopoeic translation of the Spanish word “Jabalina” or javelin. Like a javelin topped with a cylinder of light, the Havaleena’s sleek lines make it unique.

The idea of portability is central to the product, as is the concept that a cordless light must also be functional. With its 1-Watt wide-angle LED, it provides a warm, glowing mood light that is perfect for an intimate setting.

“We wanted to provide illumination that works at all levels: as light, as art, as a personal expression,” says Monica Berndt of Tayo Design Studio. “By making the Havaleena both functional and aesthetic, we feel we have created a product that delivers on all these fronts.”

Havaleena can be customized –even personalized—through its versatile light diffuser system. Made of clear acrylic, the top of the Havaleena can be adapted to any color by changing the vellum filter inside the tube. Users can also create their own messages: “Thank you!” “You are the light of my life!” “Marry me…” are but a few examples of phrases that can be printed onto paper and used as filters. This makes the Havaleena a perfect gift for special occasions.

Hold Me


Paul Ten Voorde

As an extension on his carving activities Paul made a sidestep in the direction of furniture in 1995. In addition to shape comes the functionality. In 1999 Paul created his company Furnisculptures. In his designs he plays with contrasts between geometric and organic elements, always looking for equilibrium.
Paul Ten Voorde


Enofila is a wall-mounted bottle holder in film of transparent PVC. I could really see hanging these in a closet and then just turning the pages to select you wine of choice each evening...

Friday, January 26, 2007

Butter Sofa

"These furniture pieces are produced through a special production technique: the molds themselves melt because of the temperature during solidification. A technical story, but the result is that every piece gets a unique soft buttery structure. Haven’t you ever fantasized melting into your furniture?"

Bleu Nature

bleu nature

Pimped Out High Tech John Sweepstakes


Thursday, January 25, 2007

BALANCE compactly

The chimney oven BALANCE compactly is the chimney oven for the smaller dwelling from the BALANCE product family.
The continuous Korpus rests on high-grade steel feet and requires no assembly of individual components.
The chimney oven has an upward tiltable combustion chamber door, whereby the filling and cleaning are very simple. It is with perpendicularly upward a prominent Rauchrohr or applicable with a direct wall junction.



Do you love cats and great design? If so, at cat-interiors you have come to the right place. We create furnishings for cats with an emphasis on design. Just ask Mrs. Schmitt, the highly demanding female cat in our design team, who instantly fell in love: with her own cosy DAY BED! cat-interiors designs products which make the hearts of design fans beat faster, products which are well thought out with cats in mind and which can be integrated into any modern living environment.


Viteo Garden Swing by Wolfgang Pichler


Indie Designer Angela Johnson Turns Trash Into Treasures

You'll be the belle of the Goodwill Ball in this beautiful, hand crafted, Cinderella-style, full length ball gown made from "thrifted" and vintage T-shirts. Each dress is unique and one-of-a-kind because they are each made with whatever T-shirts can be scavenged at the time they are made. You can leave the T-shirt choices up to Angela or supply your own.

You'll be the life of the party in this knee length, party dress made from "thrifted" men's button down shirts redesigned. Each dress is unique and a one-of-a-kind because they are each made with whatever shirts can be scavenged at the time they are made.
Angela Johnson

Monday, January 22, 2007

Puff Light

Josh Urso

Vlaemsch Internal Watch

The Internal Watch is encased in leather, rendering it non-functional as timepiece. The hidden watch transcends typical associations of status by isolating the emerging form rather than acting as a flashy signifier.

The Schulte Design Fire Furniture

Schulte Design

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bolstered Sofas

The Incredible Rubberband Machine Gun

This beauty is a fully functional machine gun with TWELVE rotating barrels and a live action trigger. Loads 12 bands per barrel for a whopping 144 rubber bands that shoot off as fast as you can turn the handle! Great fun for kids of all ages. MORE than just an amazing machine, this is a true work of art.


Li Xi Gift Envelope

Wish your loved ones good fortune and happiness with this beautiful laser cut envelope. The design celebrates 2007, the Year of the Pig. The card design was inspired by the ancient craft of papercuts, an original art form created in China.
Perfect for birthdays, weddings, Chinese New Year and other special occasions.
design night