Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bootleg Wine

The Bootleg Wine Collection is outfitted in a sleek, shrink wrapped bottle that looks like leather with a zipper that runs the length of the bottle. The name Bootleg is a play on words that alludes to the country’s shape and reputation for cutting-edge design. The wines are also labeled “Made in Italy” – a mark of cachet in the design world. Well-heeled and classically-structured, these family estate-made wines are the product of more than 650 combined years of wine making tradition. The wineries themselves vary in regionality and theme, but share a desire and commitment to produce a single, top-quality wine evocative of their viticultural area inside a package that embodies their view of Italy: sexy, innovative and modern.
Bootleg Wine

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Bryan Murphy said...

I've had some of this wine. It was, literally, the worst wine I have ever had in my entire life. It was the worst wine that I could even imagine could ever have existed. I would have thought it was corked, but the bottles come with an artificial cork.
Stick to Franzia, avoid this.