Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Stem by Eric Jourdan

Extending the 'Stem' furniture collection for Ligne Roset and with a permanent urban structure standing on-site in front of Saint-Etienne terminus, French designer Eric Jourdan has kicked into 2008 with two fine illustrations of his elegant and limpid design vocabulary.

'Stem' for Cinna
The clean lines and basic forms of these tables and storage units appeared in 2007. Jourdan describes them as being 'Silent as a yacht's shell cutting water stem to stern'

Eric Jourdan

Monday, March 31, 2008


Artaissance just launched a new art publishing website, that features some amazing art in all different styles to suit every taste! The pieces range from Contemporary designs to more traditional pastoral landscapes, and literally everything in between.

This site is easy to navigate to find the exact style that you want. In fact, you can search for a piece by color, style, orientation, which room it will be featured in, etc. Artaissance is also able to custom-size the art so that it is the perfect size for each individual's wall space. They are also able to complete the pieces with absolutely gorgeous Larson Juhl frames.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Burton Flip Sticks

If you count ounces when you backpack and prefer to eat with chopsticks, then Burton had you in mind when it made the Flip Sticks. Brunton Flip Sticks chopsticks are made of durable, lightweight bamboo attached to metal holders. These chopsticks flip closed, so they not only weigh a mere 1.6 ounces in your pack, but they also take up less room than the toothbrush you sawed the end off of to save on weight.

Brunton Flip Sticks

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Make Your Own Soda At Home

Make your own soda or seltzer at home in just seconds! No need to bother with lugging home heavy bottles and then having them go flat. With the Soda Club Edition-1 Soda Maker, you'll make your own great tasting seltzer or soda in a variety of flavors, anytime at your fingertips. It's fun, easy and ready in seconds. 3-year warranty. The Edition 1 home soda makers is sleek and simple to use and compliments any kitchen decor. Make soda or seltzer at the push of a button.

The Amazing Works Of Ben Butler

Furrow-cedar, 44" x 74" x 7

details of Furrow

Mutation- cedar, 30" x 32" x 16"

Hi Can Bed

Hi-Can is a “High Fidelity Canopy” created by the Italian Designer Edoardo Carlino. Hi-can integrates flaps, ventilation, a hi-fi system and a screen with a dvd player. What more can one want?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008