Thursday, April 26, 2007

Soft Wall

Soft Wall is a wall for defining, dividing and storing is a soft, functional, sculpture-like piece at the same time. A soft, functional, sculpture like piece, Soft Wall is the ideal solution for defining, dividing and storing. Designed to accommodate the objects we need only from time to time (which would otherwise take up space on small tables, on shelves and in containers), Soft Wall is also a dividing wall that can be used in both the home and office since it adapts to the requirements of the location where it is used. Crafted in felt and available in two sizes, it rests on a metal frame.


Life Journeys said...

Hi! I love this dividing wall. Do you know where I can purchase this? Your help is MUCH appreciated. We have a really ugly fireplace that I would just love to cover up! Thanks, and I really enjoy your blog.

erika said...

The best I can tell you is to follow the link at the bottom of the post or by clicking on the photo. Or try this link to find your nearest retailer
I do find it quite difficult sometimes to actually locate some of the items, especially if they are in Europe and I'm in the states
good luck and thank you for your comment,