Monday, April 02, 2007

Oil Jar with Silicone Brush

This great set features a glass jar, with a stainless and silicone top, that's attached to our patented Sili basting brush. The top has a silicone ring designed to help seal the jar between uses and keeps the glass jar protected. Use this handy set to keep oil, clarified butter or marinades close at hand when cooking. The brush can be used directly on a hot pan, bakeware or brush right on your food. You can also take it to the table for your quests to enjoy. To embellish your cooking with tasty sauces and spicy marinades, nothing beats a good basting brush. Traditional brushes with natural or nylon bristles can be a cleaning nightmare, but not this one. Ideal for use on the range, the oven, the BBQ, or for anything from roasts to pastry dough.

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