Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Stem by Eric Jourdan

Extending the 'Stem' furniture collection for Ligne Roset and with a permanent urban structure standing on-site in front of Saint-Etienne terminus, French designer Eric Jourdan has kicked into 2008 with two fine illustrations of his elegant and limpid design vocabulary.

'Stem' for Cinna
The clean lines and basic forms of these tables and storage units appeared in 2007. Jourdan describes them as being 'Silent as a yacht's shell cutting water stem to stern'

Eric Jourdan


paula lindblom said...


I have found your interesting blogs when I was just looking around in the cyber space a rainy Sunday in Gothenburg, I like your different views of adding and blog…

Keep up the good work!

Kind regards Paula.

Bill More said...

Hi Erika,
Nice collection of designs, good to see Seth Rolland's woodwork, that guy rules!
I've been a furniture maker for the past 10 years (often collaborating with Seth). I just created a new line of modern, bamboo/steel tables and a new website: www.forgedelements.com
Check it out if you get a chance.
Keep up the good blogging,
Bill More