Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Candy Like Jewelry

A minimal, basic charmer, the Oval Rock Ring by Adia Kibur Accessories will add a geometric touch on your fingers.

Handcrafted and molded in polyresin, the Oval Rock Ring is a light, fun ring for every day wear. $6.00

Made from fun, colorful acrylics, this ring has a unique twist shape to comfortably conform to your fingers.

Available in white, green, blue, orange or pink, the Wrapped Acrylic Ring is a fun casual ring to compliment all your bright summer colors. $6.00
This timeless donut bangle is the perfect compliment to all your essential fashion needs. $6.00

This pyramid ring is the perfect fit for your mod-squad styling needs. $6.00

Experimenting with resin and different shapes, this designer has created a mix of unique, colorful pieces. The perfect punch to any ensemble! $45.00

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