Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Cigarette Counter

1. In order to be aware of how much you are REALLY smoking: every day, before smoking the first cigarette, turn the counter on. Look at the number of cigarettes you smoked the day before and give yourself the goal to not smoke more than that, or better yet to reduce that number!
Then press “Reset"
Press "+" to add the first cigarette, and turn the counter off (the numbers stay in memory)
2. When you are ready to take control of your smoking habit, decide to set the counter to a certain number, and press the "Minus" button every time you smoke, until you reach zero.
When you get to zero you shouldn't allow yourself any more cigarettes for that day. (yeah right, if it doesn't lock itself up how do you think a smoker will hold back after that?)
This will help you to allow yourself to smoke only in certain moments of the day, which you might already know, without smoking the "extra" cigarettes. Who decides is you, in special situations you can decide to be more flexible, maybe during weekends or during a particular evening when you're out with your friends.
The important thing is that you give yourself a daily rule, and that you keep it. It is easier than quitting "cold turkey", but you still need a little bit of will power! (you just lost me.... if a smoker had that kind of will power I don't think they would need this devise.
The Cigarette Counter

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